Project Corner

In Recent News

I have the honor of being one of twelve individuals sitting on the Editorial Board for Aspen Publishing's Community Health Education and Promotion Manual. I believe the Community Health Education and Promotion Manual is a great tool for health educators, planners and community development staff. Here is a link to a blurb that tells a little bit about the manual (but does not give it the recognition I feel the manual deserves).

In other news, 2012 was a fantastic year for CJW and Associates as we had the privilege of working with the following entities and institutions

  • Board Development and Training for The Neighborhood Health Centers of the Lehigh Valley

  • Strategic Planning, Collaboration Building and Community Outreach with and for the Steering Committee of the Grand Traverse Regional Health Care Coalition

  • Facilitated the Strategic Planning Session of the Executive Council of the Michigan Primary Care Association.

  • Facilitated a community health status assessment and the formation of the Greenwich Health Improvement Partnership for Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, Connecticut

  • Facilitated community meetings and a strategic planning for the Carlisle Area Health and Wellness Foundation

  • Facilitated a strategic planning session for The Center for Advancing Community Health project

  • Facilitated a strategic planning session for Michigan Covering Kids and Families Robert Wood Johnson project

  • Continued facilitation and consultation for the United States Office of Rural Health Policy in the Mississippi Delta Health Initiative twenty-nine counties in the State of Missouri

  • Facilitation of the First Annual Oral Health Summit for the Idaho Oral Health Alliance

  • Facilitation and strategic planning consultation for the Greater Midwest Association of Primary Healthcare

National Health Service Corps (NHSC)

I was fortunate to be involved in a national impact assessment for the National Health Service Corps - the federal program that provides assistance to medically underserved communities. This assessment incorporated community meetings, population based surveys of four communities, and an analysis of existing population health status data. A total of nine underserved communities across the country were involved in this project. Click here to view the National Health Service Corps 25th Anniversary Report in Adobe Acrobat Format. This information was also supplemented by over 40 structured vignette stories from NHSC sites around the country. Click here to view the National Health Service Corps Vignette Report. These assessment data were factored into the NHSC reauthorization strategy from 1999 to present.

Community Health Centers (CHC)

I have also had the privilege of working with CHC's across the United States. There is really no better place to learn about the role that CHC's play in America's Health Care System than the National Association of Community Health Center's (NACHC) web page here.

In addition, I was involved in work with the federal Office of Data, Evaluation, Analysis and Research in the Bureau of Primary Health Care involved the evaluation of community and migrant health center Boards of Directors and their contribution to community capacity for health status improvement. This research was conducted in 2000. Click here to view the final CHC report for this project.


Health Center Program Expectations
BPHC program Expectations for FQHC Community Health Centers.

Affiliation Agreements of C/MHCs
Helpful information for collaborative efforts to improve access

FQHC-Look-Alike Guidelines
FQHC-Look-Alikes are eligible for Medicare & Medicaid cost-based reimbursement

Revised Guidance for New Starts/Expansions
Clarifies requirements for oral, behavioral health, and substance abuse services and grant awards.